Deborah Jin Fellows

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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems is committed to gender equality and ensuring diverse and balanced representation at every level of our organisation.

EQUS' Deborah Jin Fellowship program aims to increase the proportion of women at EQUS and in quantum physics through targeted recruitment.  It launched in 2019, with two women-only postdoctoral research fellowships offered.

Deborah Jin was an American physicist and one of the world’s foremost experts on how ordinary atoms and molecules change their behaviour at extraordinarily low temperatures. Her visionary and methodical approach made it possible to use these ultracold gases as model systems to tease out the quantum principles that lead to behaviour such as superconductivity.

The Deborah Jin Fellowship program honours her legacy by supporting and encouraging early- and mid-career women in physics.

Meet our Deborah Jin Fellows

Dr Kerstin Beer

Dr Kerstin Beer


Dr Angela White

Dr Angela White

Dr Beer researches in quantum computing.

She joined EQUS in 2022 and is based at our Macquarie University node, where she works with Chief Investigator Professor Gavin Brennen.

Dr Beer did her PhD at Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany in the area of quantum machine learning, where she proposed a quantum neural network architecture and suiting algorithms for supervised and semi-supervised training.

Dr White joined EQUS in 2021 and is working with Chief Investigator Professor Matthew Davis at the University of Queensland node where she is investigating designing quantum-enhanced gravimeters with increased sensitivity.

Dr White did her PhD research at the Australian National University on analogue models of quantum field theory in curved time space in cold atom systems.

She has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Newcastle University (UK), Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (Japan) and the Australian National University and the University of Queensland in Australia

Dr Carolyn Wood

Dr Carolyn Wood


Dr Salini Karuvade

Dr Salini Karuvade

Dr Wood’s research is focused on physics at the interface between quantum mechanics, general relativity and thermodynamics, particularly when viewed through the lens of quantum information theory.

She works at the University of Queensland node with Chief Investigator  Associate Professor Sally Shrapnel.

Dr Wood’s PhD research centred on physics at the overlap between quantum theory, gravity, and thermodynamics with a focus on applications to quantum information. During her PhD she worked across a few topics, including open quantum systems with quantum‐controlled channels, relativistic quantum field theory, and quantum foundations.

Dr Salini Karuvade did her PhD at the University of Calgary in Canada, where she investigated the power and certifiability of quantum computing for open systems.

Her research interests include characterisation and control of noisy quantum systems and the verification and validation of quantum computation.

She joined EQUS in 2022 and works with the Quantum Theory Group with Chief Investigator Professor Andrew Doherty and Chief Investigator Stephen Bartlett in the Sydney Quantum Theory Lab at The University of Sydney node.

Dr Ya Zhang


Dr Cindy Zhao

Dr Zhang started with EQUS in 2023.

Ya Zhang obtained her PhD degree at the Australian National University. Her research focusses on optical frequency metrology, laser stabilisation and space-based interferometry.

Dr Zhao researches quantum technologies to test fundamental physics and search for dark matter.  For example, she’s working towards uncovering new physics using precision measurements of crystals in cryogenic environments.

Dr Zhao is based at our University of Western Australia node, working with CI Professor Michael Tobar in the Quantum Technologies and Dark Matter Lab.

Dr Zhao obtained a PhD from the University of Sydney in 2020.  She joined EQUS in 2020.

Major funding support

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