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The EQUS seminar series is back!  The revamped seminar series will alternate technical and non-technical talks, providing an opportunity to share knowledge within the Centre, spark dialogue and new collaborations, and develop skills and understanding across a range of topics.

Who is it for?
The seminar series is for EQUS members and any visiting staff or students (recordings will be available for EQUS members only).

Who will be speaking?
Speakers may be internal or external to EQUS, of any level (students to CIs), and from academia, industry or government.

What topics will be covered?
The seminars will alternate between technical and non-technical topics.  Technical talks could invovle industry representatives sharing information about new technologies, senior researchers sharing new research discoveries or published research outcomes, or PhD students sharing their latest research or presenting a problem they may assistance with.  Non-technical talks will cover topics such as entrepreneurship, equity, diversity and inclusion, project management and science communication.

When is it?
Nominally, seminars will be every second Tuesday 12–1 pm AEST, but days and times will vary depending on the availability of speakers.  Seminars will be delivered via Zoom; if a speaker is able to present in person at one of our nodes, an in-person event may also take place at that node.

The EQUS seminar series provides an opportunity for EQUS members to gain knowledge and understanding through a range of engaging speakers and topics, to present their research and to discover, discuss, debate and problem-solve.  We hope that it will also spark dialogue and collaboration across the Centre.

If you would like to propose a topic or speaker, please contact the EQUS COO or one of your local node representatives.  See below for upcoming seminars and keep an eye out for email invitations for Zoom and venue details. 

Upcoming seminars

There are no upcoming events.

Past seminars

Recordings of past seminars are available to EQUS members via the Hub (requires login).

EQUS Seminar Series: Rebecca Radebold

Constructing Explicit Instances of Quantum Tanner Codes

EQUS Seminar Series: Simon Storz

Loophole-Free Bell Tests in superconducting qubits separated by tens of metres

EQUS Seminar Series: Simon Evered

Neutral atom quantum computing and error correction

EQUS Seminar Series: Abhijeet Alase

The realization of fault-tolerant quantum computers hinges on the development of highly robust qubits.

EQUS Seminar Series: Dr Susan Harward

Navigating Well-Being, Mental Health, and Academic Success.

EQUS Seminar Series: Dr Shari Walsh

In this webinar we will identify strategies to help you present confidently.

EQUS Seminar Series: Generative AI for Researchers

Join us for a session dedicated to the intersection of Generative AI and research.

EQUS Seminar Series: Jason Twamley

Controlling quantum machines using magnetic forces

EQUS Seminar Series: Dr Shari Walsh

Do you think networking is a dirty word? Building connections, or networking, skills is a key component for creating potential research collaborations and future career options.

EQUS Seminar Series: Salini Karuvade

Quantum computation using PT-symmetric gates

'Gravitational Effects in Quantum Physics' EQUS Seminar Series

The series will be comprehensive and self-contained set of lectures on the topic of Gravitational Effects in Quantum Physics.

EQUS seminar series: Tom Stace

Bedtime stories for research commercialisation

EQUS seminar series: Jason Petta

High-fidelity quantum control and readout of spins in silicon

EQUS seminar series: Maxime Richard

Elementary excitations in a quantum fluid of light

EQUS seminar series: Sebastian Murk

Black holes in semiclassical and modified theories of gravity

EQUS seminar series: Mike Tobar

Precision metrology with photons, phonons and spins: answering major unsolved problems in physics and advancing translational science

EQUS seminar series: Inger Mewburn

So, you’re graduating your PhD in a pandemic. What next?

EQUS seminar series: Akash Dixit

Searching for dark matter with superconducting qubits

EQUS seminar series: Andrew White

Building technical presentations, or, how to keep folk awake during your next talk

EQUS seminar series: Magdalena Zych

Relativistic quantum clocks – from testing quantum features of time and causality to nascent quantum sensors

EQUS seminar series: Cyril Laplane

Harnessing atomic forces for quantum optomechanics with levitated nanocrystals

EQUS seminar series: Juxi Leitner

How to deliver a winning Pitch! AND The highs and lows of the tech transfer journey

EQUS seminar series: Joe Goodwin

Towards scalable networked quantum computing with trapped ions

EQUS seminar series: Ramil Nigmatullin

Investigating non-equilibrium phase transition with quantum cellular automata

EQUS seminar series: David Gozzard

My experience in the ABC Top 5 Science Media Residency

EQUS seminar series: Rohit Navarathna

Neural networks for on-the-fly single-shot state classification

EQUS seminar series: membership survey

Overview of EQUS membership survey results, outcomes and Q&A

EQUS seminar series: Matt Goh

Controlling the demon condensate: feedback cooling of atomic Bose gases

EQUS seminar series: Rachel Kallen

Broadening participation and engagement with undergraduate research training

EQUS seminar series: Cibby Pulikkaseril

The road to infinite resolution with Baraja Spectrum-Scan

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Last reviewed 10 June 2021

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